Motivational & Educational Speaking

Matthew Thomas presents “Straight Out of a Coma” TM – his hard-hitting, yet uplifting story detailing his personal experience of surviving a DUI-related traumatic brain injury, paralysis, regaining consciousness and moving forward with the resulting disabilities.  Matt’s story touches the hearts of those around him as his cautionary yet inspirational story is filled with a level of depth and passion that only one who has lived through the experience can provide.

Engagements Include:

  • Hospitals
  • High schools
  • Nursing schools
  • Community organizations
  • Corporate seminars
  • Presentations for at-risk youth
  • M.A.D.D. (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) Victim Impact Panel
  • The Neuron Report Radio Show

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Funding Rehabilitation Therapies for People with TBI and other Disabilities

Positive matters recognizes that often times insurance companies or Medicare do not fund the rehabilitation therapies necessary for people suffering with TBI and other disabilities. Positive Matters, Inc. has non-profit tax exempt status to help fund rehabilitation efforts for individuals, and consultation services for families. Our goal is to raise funds for qualifying individuals and families to help support the proper rehabilitation they need. Please contact us as to learn how you can help